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Become a member of the library – it’s easy and free!

Becoming a member of the library is FREE. When you join one Wrexham library, you join them all and can borrow items from any library in Wrexham including GDCL.

You can also join at any library in Wrexham, including GDCL, by completing a form and presenting proof of your name and current address. You can join at any age – the younger the better! – but, if you are 15 or under, don’t forget to ask your Parent/Carer or someone over 18 in your family to sign to say it’s OK for you to join. Bring the completed form (don’t forget to fill in the back which gives you internet access too) and your proof of ID to GDCL and we will give you a free library card which you can use straightaway.

Joining Online

Alternatively you can join online by clicking on the button below; your card will be ready for collection within two working days. You’ll then need to pick up your library card by calling in and producing ID at GDCL within the next 90 days. Please see the list of acceptable proofs of identity below. As long as your ID is OK you will usually be able to borrow books etc. straight away.

 Join online by clicking here

What you will need to bring with you

If you are 16 or over you must provide one proof of name and address. If you are a student studying in Wrexham you will need to provide proof of both your home address and your temporary student address.

Acceptable Proofs of Identity

Apart from the driving licence, proofs must be no more than three months old:

  • driving licence
  • utilities bill
  • pension/benefits book
  • official letters
  • bank statement
  • doctor’s prescription

Membership Conditions

What we ask of you when you join the Library

  • To bring your library card with you to borrow items or use the ICT services at the library
  • To be responsible for all items borrowed on your library card
  • To bring items back on time – sorry, but you will have to pay a charge for items brought back late
  • To be aware that you will be charged for items that are lost or damaged
  • To make sure that your library card is not be used by anyone else
  • To be aware that if you lose your card we will have to charge you £2 for a replacement

 You will be able to borrow:

  • A total of 15 items at one time to include:
    • Up to 15 books or talking books for 3 weeks (10 books if you are under 16 years of age)
    • Up to 3 DVDs for a week (you will usually have to pay to borrow DVDs)
  • Extended loan periods are available if you are a student or you are going away on holiday.
  • You will be able to use all the resources of the online library service and download audio and eBooks as loans.
  • You will have access to computers and the internet free of charge.  All our libraries have computers with internet access and Microsoft Office Software.

Renewals: You can renew most items (up to a maximum of 6 times) in person or by telephone; if you ‘phone please have your library card and the items to hand. If you renew DVDs you will incur a further charge for the new period. If an item you want to renew has been reserved by someone else you will only be able to renew for three more days and then you must return it.

 Reservations: If the item you require isn’t available on our shelves we can reserve it for you. In addition, it’s possible to obtain items that are not available within Wrexham libraries by using the Inter Library Loans Service. There may be a charge for this service.

Reading Group tickets: allow a group to loan up to 50 books free of charge for a 12 week period. The books can be collected from any library in Wrexham. A full list of available titles can found here.

(Adapted from WCBC online information)

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